Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Disney day!


Perhaps unsurprisingly, I have a lot of Disney pictures.  Starting off with one of my favorite things. :3

I was playing with color-enhance settings on the camera on this trip (which was Oct '08) and this is one of the results.  When I was little, my castle was this color - an austere silver-grey and blue.  Disney fans in the crowd will remember that, while she is frequently depicted in blue these days, Cinderella's ballgown was in fact silver.  Clearly favoring her theme color, she painted her castles in Orlando and Tokyo the same pretty color.

Some time in about 2005/2006, Disney took it upon themselves to make her castle more 'inviting' in Orlando, and repainted the all of the silver-grey parts in a pinkish grey instead.  I assume they were paid off by Aurora.  You know how she can be.

Until 2010, Tokyo Cindy was holding out with her original colors, but I note that her castle has 'gone over' now as well.  >(

It probably photographs better and looks friendlier in pink.

It irritates me.

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