Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cherokee's Thought of the Day


My hoomans change things a lot.  Sometimes they are good about routines, but mostly, they like to change things around, just when I'm getting used to them.

Last month they made a tree in the living room.  I didn't like the tree to start, but it grew on me.  After I got used to it sitting in the corner, I kind of liked it.  Lookin' at me in its branchy sorta way.

Today, my hoomans made the tree go away again.  I heard them talking about moving the chair, too.  I don't know why they're never satisfied with things.

Sometimes, though, you just have to put up with people changing things around.  There are lots of reasons it might be out of your control, like if it's not your tree.  Or if you don't have thumbs.  Eventually you'll have to get used to the chair being on the other side of the room or whatever else they're changing, but it's always valid to hide in the bathroom until the change part is over.

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