Friday, January 28, 2011

The funny thing is it's not there now


The first time we drove to Florida from here, in December 2007, I was all excited because we were going down 75 through Georgia and that was the route we used to take from home when I was small.  And we used to stay overnight in Forsyth, Georgia at the Best Western that was white with the red roof with a steep driveway.  So I was on the lookout for said Best Western, or some indication of it, to see if it was still there.

Lo and behold... it was easily visible from the highway.  Same red roof.  Best Western Hilltop. =D  This is the place where the waitress ('cause that's what you called them then) didn't know what relish was.  Which is odd, because they totally do have relish here.

Anyway, it was there the following year as well, but the past couple of times, it's had a different name.  I guess it was good we went when we did.

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