Monday, February 21, 2011

King of Thieves


Many ferrets are 'fetishy', where they'll get abnormally attached to some item and be distressed if someone else handles it.  Some more so than others.  Some about one item in particular and some about a variety of things.  Orson's particular fetish was for my pencil case.  His first order of business when he got into my room was to retrieve said pencil case from my schoolbag and haul it into his hiding spot in the closet.  If I needed something from it, I'd have to go and fish it out with him climbing all over me the whole time trying to pull it back again.  I'm not sure what it was about the pencil case but if you ever want to see an accusatory look from an animal, man, did he ever have a good one.

In any case, his affection for hauling the pencil case around gave him pretty good technique when it came to carrying things bigger than he was.  He'd kind of grab the item in his mouth, tip is head way back and feel his away along the ground in a sort of prance.

He was also fond of raisins and a master of seized opportunity.

Ferrety ambition knows no bounds!

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