Thursday, February 3, 2011

I could get those at Walmart.


This was my favorite Christmas decoration at Disney - The Lights of Winter in Epcot (circa Dec 2007).  They were these huge arches you passed under going between Future World (er, "Future" World) and World Showcase.  They changed colors and danced to the music and were generally very pretty and serene and festive, and when you took the monorail to Epcot from the TTC, you'd pass between them.

Disney did away with them in 2009, citing 'outdated technology that they couldn't fix'.  So ... Disney ... saying that they didn't have the technology to make lights dance to music.  Never mind the fact that the huge Christmas display at MGM is - wait for it - lights that dance to music.  On a much bigger scale, in fact.  Never mind the fact that you can rig up your own dancing lights with a package you buy at Target.  They can make a fake Johnny Depp and blow off tens of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks every night.  But no no.  This was a problem too complex for WDI.


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