Friday, December 31, 2010

In which I make a post!

So this is my blog idea for 2011.  A picture a day for 365 days.

With commentary, of course.  Because I excel at rambling, non sequitur-filled commentary.

I figure it's good to start with a plan for this, since ... plans are nice.  My rough, initial, not sure if this is a good idea yet or not plan is:

Sundays - A current picture of me (taken on that day, as much as is possible).
Mondays - Chillin' With My Peeps.  For friends and family.
Tuesdays - Cherokee's Thought of the Day
Wednesdays - Places I've Been.  Because I go places!
Thursdays - Disney Day.  Because duh.
Fridays - Random?  Best of Lumi? I'm not sure yet.
Saturdays - That is a Really Bad Picture. I have a variety of these, and this will be their moment to shine!

So yeah.  That's the idea, folks.  I'm still fussing with the layout and stuff, and in the event this really does make it through the year, I assume it will change (probably repeatedly).  For now, though, this is it.

Let the okay times roll.

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